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The Writings of W. David Jenkins III
To My Fellow Patriots - The Iraq Invasion Page


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Monday 3/17/03
My Friends
We stand on the eve of war. Maybe it will start tomorrow - maybe it's already started.
For the first time in history - we stand alone. Our leadership has proved itself so inept that they lost a popularity contest against someone as horrible as Saddam Hussein.
Now in the eyes of the world - we are the "bad guys."
For ages, even with all of its faults - America has always been the beacon of light. We the people have always tried to stand for what is right and have done our level best to make sure our elected leaders carried that torch of honor.
But now we are faced with the whims of an un-elected leader and the outcomes of his actions. America is about to become a very different place. More than it already is.
But more important in this desperate time - we must keep our prayers and best wishes for, not only our young military people needlessly placed in harms way, but for those innocent people who's lives will be forever changed due to the recklessness of George W. Bush.
God Save What's Left Of America




Thoughts from a friend "Over There."



When the Nations met in Council
To decide a country's fate
The Texan man said "hurry"
For my army's at the gate.
He enlisted
's Tony
To pursue his long held aim
"Put your cards upon the table"
So I can see your game.

Erudite, with noble purpose
Blair, so eloquent was he
Yet the wisest men in Council
Still cautioned "wait and see".
But De Villepins' reasoned argument,
Mr Anann's points of Law
Were cast aside, in strident haste
By a shamefull man of Straw!

To Iraqis - Blair did propound
We'll be fair, not steal your ground
We'll  give you Freedom
Food, Life and

But the missiles they have found
Are delivered - speed of sound
But the aid, it comes
The slow way round by sea!

Then in the years to come
When the Arab sends his son
To avenge a grave injustice
He perceived.
It's our children who may pay
For the deeds we do today
And not the guilty folk
Like you and me.

So to all of those in Council
Herein lies a tale to tell.
It's as plain as day
For all of you to see.
Compromise, and Understanding,
Fair discussion must prevail.
For haste, or reckless action
Will never set us free.

So the Dogs of War are out now
The outcome who can tell
But in that far off country
Life must be living Hell!
And, as in all our countries
There are most ordinary folk
Who struggle through their daily lives
Beneath a Tyrants yoke.

But Tyrants come in many forms
And not just dark-but fair
The Saddam's, they are clearly seen
Not so with Bush and Blair!
The weapons of mass destruction
Not hidden - on open display
They fall on
Baghdad every night
Stamped "Made in

They are blind to World opinion
Disregarded Nation's bonds
Torn up long held Treaties
Turned deaf to well-meant words.
They talk of God and

And trying to right  a wrong
All empty words to civilians maimed
By the blast of a High-Tech Bomb!

To those in Moslem Countries
I thought that I was right
But now I see the truth laid bare
On my flickering screen at night.
It must be upon my Conscience
I must bear the terrible shame
Of War - and crimes committed
And done so in my Name!

Back here in Old Britannia
There's not much we can do
We voted in this Madness
The blame we must accrue.
But how can we persuade him
How will we make him see
When Blair - he keeps repeating
"They're all out of step but me"

To dwell upon the cost of it
Seems churlish, trite, that's true
But as with all costs previously
It'll fall to Me and You!
Three Billion pounds for Warfare
As we wait in a hospital queue
While our politicians tell us
That's Democracy for You!



Dundee, Scotland.