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A Little Personal History -
Along with writing, I also have worked in the Human Services Field for almost twenty years. I reside in upstate New York with my wife, Kriss and my daughter and son, Leah and Zach.
       Oh, yeah, I'm also one heck of a bassist.
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Full House

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Just a Little About "Yours Truly"
First of all, thanks for stopping in.
I started this site because I kept getting asked "What else have you written?" I thought this would be an easy way to let folks know. Besides, I'm having a bit of fun doing it.
Although I've been writing for quite awhile, I didn't get serious until that fateful day in January over a year ago. The Internet allowed me an avenue to voice my frustration and, obviously, the frustration of others. I'd like to thank the Democratic Underground for putting up my first article and I'd like to thank BushWatch for giving me a column along with many other gifted writers. James at America Held Hostile has especially been a real help to me. He has helped me to "put on a leash" when I get to ranting a bit much. He's also the first to publish anything new that I do.
I'd also like to send a special thank you to, The Smirking Chimp and Liberal Slant. If you haven't yet ventured to any of these sites (hard to imagine, really) I highly suggest you do.
I'm well aware that I'm only one of many writers out there. I'm no Molly Ivins or anything but I just try to put things in plain-speak. I'm mad, you're mad...hell, we're all mad! And if I can manage to say just one thing you've always wanted someone to say, then I'm happy.
Once again, thanks for stoppin' in.
W. David Jenkins III