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Re: Merry Christmas, Dubya - Love, the Pathetic Media
Good stuff but how many other Americans think like this, I'd like to think that the numbers are growing?
Doi of Dunedin Aotearoa/New Zealand
David: thank you for saying what so many of us know to be true!  GWB has gotten such a free ride in the name of "patriotism" that we all want to barf out here in the real world!  I hope that many like you will keep raising these issues until the media gets its collective head out of its collective behind (now there's a vision too awful to conjure!) and begins to report the real news again.  In peace.  Dick de S.
Re: Merry Christmas Dubya..............hilarious if it weren't so true! I see it that way also....but YOU said it well.....thanks.
Susan S.
Right to the point - please keep it coming.  We need more of this honest writing.

Thank you, Greg
THANK YOU for saying what needs to be said, and for voicing the sentiments of MANY true Americans. We are out here, even if we DON'T always dare to speak out, like conservatives ALWAYS have. It's people such as you, and Nat Hentoff, and Paul Krugman, and William Rivers Pitt, just to name a few who just might stir the American people from their comatose state and make them begin to realize what a precarious situation this Constitutional democracy is in.
My greatest fear is that the Tom-Ridge Fear Factor game may be escalated around election time and used as an excuse to impose martial law, suspend the elections, the Constitution, Habeas Corpus, AND Posse Comitatus, so that these neo-Soviet, "neo-cons" can finally realize their long held dream of an American version of the old Soviet Union police state, right here at home, as well as their imposition of American hegemony throughout the rest of the world.
Thank you again,
(MR) Dana C.
I am thanking you Mr. Jenkins for your delightful article detailing how the
pathetic media bends over
and grabs its ankles for Bush Inc.  Believe me, living in Texas I often have
to wonder if I'm living
in some sort of alternate universe where EVERYONE'S HEAD IS UP THEIR ASS.

Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone.  :D

Susan in Texas
Longtime Bush Victim

Excellent article in Scoop.

One more little media gift to Bush was when the media was cackling over Saddam being picked over for lice and getting his tonsils viewed on the neverending CNN loop, Bush was sneaking through and signing Patriot Act II.

Good job on your article.  I like your style.

We know the media is bought and paid for by Bush's "bidness buddies" but why do people continue to buy into the lies when their own (middle America) lives are deteriorating? It's all too baffling.
Cheryl T.
New York, New York
(The media has already started on Dean. Even the "New York Times", that "liberal" paper.)
What a great piece. It should be published in every newspaper printed in the USA..
Bush has gotten away with way too much. He really has.
Everytime something happens and his regime is caught in yet another lie, some thing else seems to take the medias attention away from Bush's lies.
My 80 yr. old Mother in law, that used to like Bush, but since the war against Iraq has totally changed her opinion of him. Believes wholeheartedly that the Michael Jackson story is a vendetta and it was a way to take the heat off King George and his pawns.
Terry Z.
Columbia, Maryland
Hi W. David,
Just a note to thank you for your article on the pathetic media and the
lucky imbecile in the White House.

I said, long ago, "I was born in California, I was raised in California and
I'll die in California." Well, since Bush slithered into office, Canada is
looking mighty appealing!

Again, I thank you for your article.

Anthony R. T.
Sacramento, Ca-LEE-For-nee-YA
(Name pronounciation courtesy of our new Governor, AHHHH-nold).

W. David,
That was an absolute classic. I will keep an eye open for your work. Please keep it up as well. You said the things I have been thinking and saying (not quite so well) for some time.
Take Care.
Merry Christmas.
Tom M
I appreciate your article in the on-line Mother Jones about Saddam's capture and its implications.  I wish you would go further.  What if there is a public trial of Saddam and he is allowed to talk (assuming he will not be sedated or otherwise medicated)?  Or, to phrase it another way, why did they take him alive? 
Many thanks--and do keep up the good work. 
--"A Reader"
I have just finished reading your Lost in America (2003) article on Democratic  I urge you to continue to write this kind of riveting and for lack of a better phrase, "in your face", commentary.  Recently I have read numerous articles, editorials, commentaries and books, in print and online, concerning the present Administration and its atrocious behavior.  Your piece, hovever, took me from outrage to the edge of tears and then back again.   Your passion and your patriotism are unmatched and I thank you for your words and thoughts. 

I hope that you and other writers and observers will be able to make your message heard so that in 2004, We the People, will collectively rid ourselves of the "rats" that are gnawing at "the very fiber of the flag and the principles it once stood for..."

Michael W. M.
Dear Mr. Jenkins:
I Just finished reading your latest piece. I thought is was excellent and straight to the point of how Bush and the Republicans have done everything possible to exploit the worst tragedy in our history. What kills me is how most American citizens have NOT picked up on this. I feel it's largely due to the fact that they are uninformed (and it will stay that way thanks to the media). They have more important things to show us like female pop artists kissing each other on stage so they can boost their record sales.
Best Regards,
Vic O.
David, thank you for putting this utterly disastrous administration
in the proper light. I'm hoping we wake up from this nightmare in
2004. Also, I defy any angry right winger to dispute the numerous
facts you present here. It gives me a sense of relief to know there
are intelligent progressives out there such as yourself. Keep the
faith brother!

Regards, Eric R.
I just finished reading your column in the Democratic Underground
website.  It was particularly moving while simultaneously causing me great
anguish as I continue to observe the destruction being wrought upon our
nation by a corrupt and secretive Bush administration.  The quote from Josef
Goebbels was especially incisive as it pertains to how this bunch of White
House creeps continues to foist lie after lie upon a largely ignorant
American public.  And the so-called "liberal press" continues to toss
softballs to these stinking ideologues bent on their own preservation while
damning the lot of us. 

In the name of preserving America, Americans must educate themselves about
the dangerous path this group has set before us.  And we absolutely must do
all that we can to fire this despicable lot from their jobs, and send them
home to their retirements, once and for all. 

Dear David,
Thank goodness for you & others like you.
I believe that the rot started in Nov 2000. If they could get away with stealing an election in broad daylight, the rest is a piece of cake. If the American public swallowed that, they'll swallow anything.
I believe that unless that election is thoroughly investigated, America can't move on. Just about everyone I've ever met since then KNOWS that Bush lost, but everyone shrugs their shoulders & struggles to pay their bills. Upon that lie more lies are built.
Where is the outrage?
Democracy in America died in Nov 2000 - a coup took place but nobody noticed & nobody cared. That coup had been carefully planned years in advance.If Americans don't care, then we deserve what we're getting.
I believe there's a lot of decent Americans & caring Americans & maybe we're the majority. But by the time we wake up, the Treasury will be looted & there'll be a perpetual war. If we ever wake up & bring those responsible to justice, I don't know if America can be rebuilt - we have a feeding frenzy of the greedy few plundering of our country. It's a national nightmare.
And, of course, you're quite right - there'll be another "attack", as timely as the first one.
But there is glimmer of hope. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, that little Korean guy, were all personally ruthless. Stalin thought nothing of taking some guy who irked him to the mens' room & shooting him. A real dictator needs to kill his opposition quickly - we're not quite there yet. Luckily Bush is a coward - he has other people doing the dirty work for him, but other people blab. The Bushes are too stupid to have thought this one up, but they're the ones who'll be hung out to dry in the history books, as the most shameful opportunists in this nation's history.
We're behind schedule on the next big event. But big events involve other people & that's too risky.
Iraq will bring Bush down, but the people behind him will get to keep their plunder. Wasn't that the purpose all along?
the Lizmeister
Mr. Jenkins,

I just finished reading your latest column, "The Kids Are Not All Right." 
Once again, you've hit the nail on the head.  The section about Staci
particularly struck me as interesting.

"I never would have guessed that such thoughts were going through this
eleven-year-old's head."

You'd be surprised at how much kids pick up on.  It only turns into genuine
interest and concern when they have conversations like the one you had with
Staci.  When I was younger, I'd listen to my older brother and my father
discuss politics.  Soon after, I'd start asking the questions myself.  Now,
I am going into my senior year in high school and I consider myself more
informed than the majority of the voting populace.  I follow the news and
regularly read Newsweek and Time.  Somehow I get the feeling that if my
questions had gone unanswered, I would have lost interest and would have
been following Britney Spears's career instead of George W. Bush's.

"Maybe we should all be talking to the kids."

We should definitely be talking to the kids.  Curiosity, education (about
ourselves and other cultures), and discussion of the news should be
encouraged instead of mindless acceptance of whatever the president says. 
I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by peers who take an interest in current
events, even though they comprise a small majority of the school's
population.  There is hope, but we are walking a tightrope.  More parents
and adults should take it upon themselves to encourage their children to
question the world around them.

Thank you for another wonderful editorial.


New Jersey
so glad i did not miss this one. It was terrific !
You were the first person I watched for after 9/11 ....I knew you would bring hope with your words.....I knew you would know exactly what was going on ......
Thank you for all that you do,
you have no idea how your work is appreciated.
May your 'pen' never run out of ink ,
J. Tagliente

Thanks for the rant George, Would You PLEASE Shut Up!

I agree wholeheartedly.
Joan H.
Bravo!!  Couldn't have said it better!
Just reading your Editorial makes me
breathe easier knowing there are others
out there that know the truth and can see
the lie within our so-called President of the USA.
Sure hope America's false leader read it too!

Mr. Jenkins,
  Once again, you let it fly, and accurately describe the situation surrounding the fearless god-king.  Am I mistaken, or is this the phoniest piece of shit that ever lived?  You know, there's a little-known tidbit that most people don't know about, that [I think] has a lot to do with the way this sociopath works.  Back in '88, someone asked big brother Marvin whether he thought w would ever amount to anything.  His response was something like, "George?  He's the family clown!"
  A certain kind of person holds on to stuff like this, and if they ever get into a position of power - look out, 'cause they have somethin' to prove!  Keep up the good work.  Sooner or later, America will be saying, "What was I thinking?"  Sooner, I hope.  Your friend,  t.j.s.  
The piece you wrote about the bushies yelling "so what" rings with truth.
Please let me know how I can support you to get more shine in this crowded
and slanted media world. Can I copy and paste your opinions on websites? Can
I send a copy to my representatives? Can I send a copy to my local papers
and cable companies? Man, just give me the word.

You are a shining example of what is possible when someone steps back and
takes it all in and comes up with some coherent, level-headed, intelligent
arguments that are gonna leave the right wingers up against the ropes in


Ben F.


Bravo!!! You beautifully state my views in this article. What the hell is wrong with the American public? They either can't, or won't, see this jerk and his cronies for what they are lying, self-serving and dangerous. I am 65 years old and for the first time in my life I truly fear for our nation. Keep writing, maybe someone will start listening.

Richard P.

Oh yes, there certainly are cracks in the dam, but thanks to folks like you and Brian Rehak and Lisa W Thomas and Robert Scheer and many others who my simple mind can't come up with at the moment....   this country, not to mention the whole world, owes you the biggest debt that has ever been owed since the dawn of time......    Because maybe, just maybe, if the populous don't have their heads too far up their respective Asses and we can keep chipping away at these cracks..... just maybe our grandchildren won't have to salute Big Brother with the all to familiar "Seig Heil" while wearing gas masks because environment has been so trashed by dubya's buddies and they are eating cardboard tasting food because our food will have to be produced artificially...   But it hardly matters, does it, because they'll be so busy working to try to pay off the huge debt we are going to leave them that they'll have little time for such trivia as eating & breathing!!!    Oh yes, "Leave no child behind"...    Well, we damned well better not leave them behind, because if we don't have regime change here, where it's most needed, we'll need every blessed one of them, that is the ones who don't give their lives in our asinine wars, to try and bail out our raped & plundered economy!!     Keep chipping away, my heroes, keep chipping away!!!
                            A Native American perspective.....    
                                       Your humble servant....          Turtle

Hello Mr. Jenkins:

 Thankfully there are still a few people out there who think for themselves.  I'm so tired of Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Chris Matthews and company.  I had begun to lose hope, hearing very few opposing views.  We need a TV program (How about Wake Up America, Snap Out Of It). 

 Will we (those who don't subscribe to this administration) ever have such a program?   It makes me ill when I hear this war being called a liberation.  Am I happy Saddam is gone?  You bet.  He was a terrorist to his own people.  Unhappily, there are many countries with Saddam types in charge. But this wasn't the premise for war.   Many people forget this or simply don't care.   Thanks for caring and continuing to speak out.


Martha G

Mr. Jenkins,
Great piece of writing; I still shake my head in disbelief at the American citizens (& my neighbors) who still cannot see that the
emperor is not wearing any clothes! While the American media obsesses about Martha Stewart, Sammy Sosa,  Laci Peterson, &
Hillary Clinton's new book, our entire citizenry is being lied to, hood-winked, scammed, & raped by the real "Axis of Evil".....the 3
Republican branches of our government.....Supreme Court, Congress, & White House. Bush's deceptions & lies are worthy of
impeachment, unlike the 70 million dollars spent on the impeachment of Clinton because he was stupid enough to have extra-marital
sex in the Oval Office; his infidelity did not harm me in any way or jeopardize my status & future as an American citizen. Where is the
American outrage over this!
My fellow citizens are ignorant & blind....just the type of voter Republicans love.
"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it."
    -- Mark Twain
Dear Mr. Jenkins,
  Once again, you have touched upon just about every damn lie and deceit, every hypocrisy and misrepresentation.  Hell, your pieces are a Cliff Notes on American life, every time you write one!  May the 'missing link' and the 'think-tank gang' burn in hell.  Your friend,  t.j.s.

Dear Jenkins...
I couldn't stop laughing when I read your article, "Cracks in the Dam." of June 4th. You made my week...reality is so depressing and peace activism is hard energized me again! You are SO funny! Your style is great! You should have been a therapist! Keep on writing the truth!

Jenifer B.
Santa Rosa, CA.

Dear Sir


I am Dr. Mohamed R**** a consultant Surgeon from Egypt , I just want to say to you thank you .


You gave me the hope that there still brave men in the state who can tell the truth .N.B. the media saying that 90% of the Americans say yes for the war.


We always admired America as a land of Science, Challange, Freedom, Art, a land with simple nice people with a huge sense of humor we always loved you from the depth of our old 7000 year civilization .


 we looked to america as the ultimate unique jewel in the human civilisation , till Mr. Bush invade Iraq this land of 10,000 year of civilization ,he and his army destroyed not just a country but they make almost every one in whole Arab lands hate America . Mr Bush put the seeds of hate , anger  toward America just for oil.


belive me we are humans who want to live in peace same like you  . thank you  








Thanks for the article. Like yourself, I feel as though
America as been
irreversibly changed in the short time that Bush has been in office. I was
disgusted that this classless, ignorant, despicable redneck was brought to
office by what I consider the secret power brokers. For one individual to
have caused so much damage in such a short period of time is unimaginable.
Thankfully there are a world of people using the Internet to get their news
and share their political perspectives about what is going on in the
U.S. If
we are to come out of this dark hole, there must be a regime change before
2004. I'm not sure how the country can get rid of an administration that
seems to be rotten to the core. Impeachment will only get rid of the
"idiot", not his cabinet.

Please know that there are many of us out here sharing your concerns about
what is going on in

Greg C.
Sacramento, California

If you have any comments
Please send them to me at