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The following links were taken from a search of Democratic's "Dirt Forum." These are articles and news stories that provide, not only a forshadowing of things to come, but also show just how far ahead of the curve some members of D.U. were prior to 9/11. Although not all of these articles are directly tied to the events of 9/11, they give an insight into the perverse ideology that is the Bush Crime Family. Extra special thanks go to former D.U. member "Kali" for leading us to these stories in the "early days."

CIA wanted Domestic Agenda prior to 9/11 (from July 2001)

Ever heard of the Bohemian Grove? The GOP's dirty little secret!

Jeb Bush and Wackenhut

Some links you may find may be no longer available directly. However they may be found by using the Internet Archive Collection search page located...


A bit of dirty history on Lucianne Goldberg

The Dirt that is the Heritage Foundation

Dirt on the owners of the Washington Times

Author links Bush family to Nazis


Pre 9/11 biometrics (electronic voice and face recognition)

Whistle-Blowers Beware

The Un-Official Biography of George H.W.Bush

CIA Think Tank to Head Bush Religion Initiative

The Bush 'Faith-Based' Initiative: Why It's Wrong

The Phase III Report of the U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century, January 31, 2001": Securing the National Homeland (4th link down on the page)

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More on Wackenhut

What's the Big Deal about Wackenhut? Check this out (Oh, and be sure to watch for familiar names)

Strange story of scientist Royal Raymond Rife