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THIS PHOTO AFFECTED ME when I saw it (again)
But this time it

Also, wondering about the poor soul
in the photo beneath this one.

These are not the only photos I've seen
of the plunging human sacrifices.

Before the photos were banned from TV, they ran quite a
few which showed people leaping out from the building, too.

I wonder
if she was still conscious?
I've heard it said falling from such
heights one can lose consciousness

I wonder</ STRONG>
if she was praying?

I wonder
if she was thinking MAYBE somehow
she might survive the fall,
depending upon what she landed?

I wonder WHO she was?

I wonder
if she had family?

I wonder
what makes a person choose almost certain death
by jumping from such a height rather than die from
the smoke inhalation that probably killed those
who didn't jump before their bodies were burned to
a crisp after the explosions set off by the demolition

I wonder
what I would do, were I in her situation?

I wonder
how Bush, et al, could plan this and yet
warn those people they wanted spared
not to go to those buildings that day?

I wonder
how it is possible that no one who died
were relatives or friends of Bush and his
partners in crime?

I wonder
how Bush and his cohorts can have no
feelings about all the deaths?

I wonder
how they could lie about the AIR being
safe to breathe in NYC in 2001 and
NOW in 2003
we are told PUBLICLY that
it was not and to date IS not?

I wonder
how these men with no consciences fooled
and still fool so many people into thinking
they are GOOD souls doing what is best for
all Americans?

I wonder
how long it will take their New World Order
plan to spread from the cities into the little
country towns and islands and mountain
tops of America?

I wonder
what those who doubted all of us who SAW
these evil men for what they are long before
tell themselves
as the lies are revealed almost daily?

I wonder
what they'll say to us when we are roommates
in the camps Ashcroft had built and is
continuing to build for "dissidents" and the
displaced persons,
which means

they confiscate YOUR
property and ship you
to whichever 'camp' they've chosen for your

I wonder
what my category is?

I wonder
what YOUR category is?

Do you wonder
or do you still think those of us who keep saying
we were and still are being deceived are crazy?

I wonder about Jesus saying
brother against brother, father against son, etc.

and if applies to this terrible situation America
is in now.
That is,
those who BELIEVE the LIE

and those who KNOW IT IS ONLY A LIE.....
divides us...doesn't it?

I wonder
when the changes will come, restoring FREEDOM.
five years, ten years, twenty years, a hundred?

I wonder
When this group of 'rulers'
will all be in their graves,
and many of their names forgotten.......

what will the survivors then have for a country?

I wonder
WHO will restore REAL freedom to America?

I wonder
if it CAN be restored?

I wonder
if my sons will live to see
REAL FREEDOM in America again?

I wonder
if my sons will live to see
becomea horrific REALITY.

I wonder
if I will awaken tomorrow and hear that
our numbers have increased and we have
begun to take back OUR country?

if I will be awakened tomorrow by
strangers telling me I must get up
and go with them....into the vans,
into the planes, into the camps.

I wonder
what I can con tribute toward regaining
the FREE AMERICA into which I was born
so many decades ago?