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Articles of Interest:

"Invisible Veil"


How Bundles of Joy Not For Sale Are Sold

Reader Response to the "Adoption Papers" series:

On December 22, 1984, I walked into the office and said I didn't want to give up my birthson.  They told them that I couldn't see him until I gave them 10,000.00.  I hadn't even signed over my rights at that point.  At 14 years old, 10,000.00 seemed like a million to me now.  They took me to an attorney.  I cried and begged him not to make me do it.  But he told me in his office, that he couldn't help me unless I could give him the 10,000.00 right then.  It was the ONLY option.  Thank you for doing the piece on adoption.  I hope it helps others who have been so deeply hurt by the deception. - Macy

Just read your piece "Bush's Other Battle." Great! Glad someone is paying attention to these matters.


Ann Wilmer
National Coordinator
Green Ribbon Campaign for Open Records

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This page reflects a recent passion of mine. This is for the victims of the Adoption Industry as well as those who have an interest in the subject.

The Adoption Activism Press

Mothers In Exile









Dear Mr. Jenkins,


Thank you so much for your story regarding the portrayal of the adoption industry.  So many of us victims are not being heard by the media.  I was separated from the family that God and nature gave me for over 34 years via adoption.  The "legal kidnappers" as my mother calls them were the Children's Home Society of North Carolina, a Gladney type place.  Even in the best of situations, adoption separates families, often forever.  Since my own reunion, I have interviewed many adoptees and mothers who have lost children to adoption and I have yet to find one who was not scarred by the situation.  Healthy white infants are just as in demand today, if not more so, than they were when I was born in 1964.  Adoption itself does not recognize the importance of the mother and child bond.  If adoption agencies truly cared about the children, they would make the mother breastfeed for a few weeks before giving her child to someone else.  And it is important to note that mothers are always mothers, whether or not we are able to raise our children.  One of the biggest adoption industry lies is that families can be made by the legal documents of adoption. 


My organization strives to use language respectful of natural families instead of adoption industry rhetoric.  Therefore, we prefer the use of "natural parent," "first parent," "parent who lost a child to adoption," and "true parent," rather than the derogatory "birth parent," which many mothers find as offensive as a racial slur. 


I am so thankful, David, that you are working to expose fraud in the adoption industry.  You are doing a real service to many families who have been separated by adoption.




Tricia Shore, M.A.

Founder, Truth In Adoption