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"We don't need evidence. We know he's guilty."

The President of the United States,

George Walker Bush, 2001 & 2002

(in reference to Osama bin Laden)

This paper was prepared by students from Northwestern University Law School and the University of Chicago Law School.

We believe this paper will ultimately be faxed, mailed and e-mailed to several million Americans. For this reason, we have chosen to write in a style and format that is easily understood by readers at all levels.

This paper has one aim: To show that ample evidence exists to issue an indictment against former President George Herbert Walker Bush (#41, father of George W. Bush) for the crime of murder in regard to the people who perished in terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001.

This paper details two separate pieces of incriminating circumstantial evidence and concludes with a call for immediate action to be taken against George H.W. Bush, former U.S. President and former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Evidence #1

Premise:  The operational structure of both the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and the assassination of former President John Fitzgerald Kennedy were exactly the same. In both cases, means, method and motive can be attributed to George H.W. Bush. Also, it can be demonstrated that Mr. Bush was a prime beneficiary of both murderous crimes.

The following is an overview of the 6-point parallel between the two operations:

1. South Vietnam President Diem assassinated = Northern Alliance Leader      Massoud assassinated

2. CIA gains control of South Vietnamese military = CIA gains control of Northern Alliance military

3. JFK's head explodes = World Trade Center and Pentagon explode

4. Lee Harvey Oswald (used as a patsy) = Osama bin Laden (used as a patsy)

5. War in Vietnam = War in Afghanistan/War on Terror

6. Bush family benefits the most (Prescott and George H.W.) = Bush family benefits the most (George H.W. and George W.)


Details:  On November 2, 1963 -- less than three weeks before JFK was murdered -- the CIA assassinated Ngo Dinh Diem, then President of South Vietnam. Diem was eliminated because he was a major obstacle for the CIA/U.S. military to wage war with North Vietnam. Diem represented the elite Catholics, and 75% of South Vietnam was Buddhist. His repressive policies toward the Buddhists alienated them, and the CIA felt that a new leader was needed to draft and train millions of South Vietnamese ground troops.

On September 9, 2001 -- just two days before the attacks on 9/11 -- General Ahmed Shah Massoud, head of Afghanistan's Northern Alliance, was assassinated by CIA contract agents posing as journalists. Massoud was eliminated because he was a major obstacle for the CIA/U.S. military to wage war in Afghanistan on CIA terms The CIA wanted to direct the theater of war in Afghanistan, and upon victory it was not in the CIA's interest to have Massoud play a central role in the newly created government. At present, the new interim Afghanistan government is dominated by individuals who are intimately connected to the oil industry.

Placing Mr. Bush at or near both crimes: In the 1963 Dallas case Mr. Bush was separated from JFK's alleged assassin by one degree: George DeMohrenschildt. George DeMohrenschildt was Lee Harvey Oswald's best friend. Mr. Bush and George DeMohrenschildt exchanged hundreds of letters, hundreds of phone calls, and had dozens of meetings both before and after JFK's assassination.

General Edward Lansdale was a CIA covert operations specialist who ran the JFK assassination operation. (To see a photo of him at Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, search "Lansdale" and "Tramp Photos" on the Web.) George H.W. Bush's father, Prescott Bush, was separated from Gen. Lansdale by one degree: Allen Dulles. (It was Allen Dulles who chose not to mention Gen. Edward Lansdale in the Warren Commission Report. This demonstrates a conspiracy.) Allen Dulles and Prescott Bush were loyal friends and business partners in a relationship spanning several decades.

Placing George H.W. Bush at the current center of American power is not difficult. Although he claims to be "out of the line," U.S. media have reported that Mr. Bush spends nearly every weekend at Camp David meeting with top National Security officials. Also, Mr. Bush spent the night at the White House on September 10, 2001, and left less than two hours before the attacks on September 11th.

Motive:  JFK represented a major obstacle for a Bush family member to attain the U.S. Presidency. With JFK eliminated, Prescott Bush's protege, Richard Nixon, did become President, and thus began a series of choice appointments for George H.W. Bush, which would ultimately lead to the Bush family dynasty. Prescott Bush was Nixon's political Godfather; it was Prescott who paired Eisenhower with Nixon, 1952-1960.


Evidence #2

Premise:  The group of men in power at the White House when the terrorist attacks struck on September 11, 2001 is the exact same group of men who were in power at the White House when the military coup d'etat occurred in Chile on September 11, 1973. Also, the defining characteristic of both operations is exactly the same (i.e., jets blowing up large buildings).

Details:  George H.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Colin Powell all began their "White House careers" working in Richard Nixon's Administration. These four men worked for President Nixon at the same time and knew each other well.

After the coup in Chile on September 11, 1973, President Nixon was ecstatic. He considered it the finest military coup in history, and he watched with glee the video of Hawker Hunter jets dropping their bombs and firing their rockets at the Chilean presidential palace, blowing it apart in broad daylight. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Powell were very aware of how pleased Nixon was with the operation.

Investigators of serial murder cases look for similarities in such crimes to establish a pattern. A definitive pattern exists between the attack in Chile on September 11, 1973, and the attacks on September 11, 2001. In a very real sense, 9/11/01 seems to be a kind of calling card saying, "We remember you, Mr. Nixon."


A Call to Action

The Law is in a hypersensitive state at the present time. Normal civil and criminal jurisprudence is quickly giving way to War Laws. It is consistent with actions taken against thousands of individuals, both foreign and American citizens, regarding the War on Terror, to arrest and indict George Herbert Walker Bush based on the evidence presented in this paper. The charge is murder. (Save treason for later -- it's difficult to prove.)

Under the Patriot Act, any of Mr. Bush's records kept at his home in Kennebunkport, his private 10,000-acre training camp in South Carolina, and his personal underground bunker on Deer Island in New York should be seized immediately. All notes and minutes of meetings he's had with top intelligence officers and other government officials at Camp David over the past 18 months must be confiscated as well.

In 1997 the Central Intelligence Agency named its headquarters "The George Bush Center for Intelligence." And for good reason -- George H.W. Bush was and is the central figure of all American and world intelligence circles. Arresting George H.W. Bush will effectively and quantifiably cut him "out of the loop" and "out of the line," especially regarding any schemes or designs he may have planned for America following the November 2002 elections.

With all our might, we must indict!

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I just read the following statement in "Make Them Accountable" by Carolyn Kay.

"I guess we can conclude that Republicans won't believe anything bad about President Junior, no matter what the evidence".- Caro]

I break these Bush supporters down into different categories...

1. Card-carrying Clinton-haters. If there's anything bad or wrong with what's happening today, it's Clinton's fault!!!!

2. Totally uninformed Americans who come from 'republican' backgrounds and would never change. These people don't even bother to inform themselves...they are republicans, they're satisfied that there's a republican in charge....all's right with the world!! Whatever goes wrong, it's not his fault!!

3. Badly misinformed (or lied to) average Americans who get what little "news" they do get from the corrupt corporate media...Fox, CNN, right-wing talk shows. The lies they hear on Fox are repeated on CNN and again and again on other right-wing shows. It must be the truth of could it not be....they're all saying it!!

4. Blindly religious right...."God is on their side" naturally, and Bush can do no wrong because he has been "saved". He's leading the crusade of our wonderful nation (under God) against those evil-doers. God bless our president.....God bless America!!!

5. Otherwise fairly intelligent average people who are suffering from the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance......trying to reconcile two opposing cognitions (facts)

a. They voted for Bush....they supported him....they learned to hate his opponent. GO GO GO Bush!!! Damn the torpedoes!!!!

b. They can see all the harm he has done and continues to do, BUT they prefer not to think about this since it doesn't support what they had already decided. This little principle of cognitive dissonance causes more mischief in the personal relationships, in families, and in politics.

And I feel strongly that the blame for the first three categories rests squarely on the American lying media, without which Bush would never have been "elected" in the first place, and who have refused to exercise their almost sacred duty to investigate and report the truth.

And there, again, cognitive dissonance rears its ugly head. These reporters are intelligent people who KNOW they failed us, who SEE what's happening, but who would have to admit their failure in order to publish the truth now. Everything that's happening was totally forseeable and didn't just happen!! Hell, if I could see it even before the beginning of the presidential campaign in 2000, certainly these trained reporters could have seen

But, as always, the question remains....What's to be done about any of this?

There's no way the people who hate Clinton are ever going to start loving him. We can't force people to inform themselves. We will never change the minds and hearts of the ultra-religious factions.

It looks like our only hope rests in a change of heart in our media....not likely!!!

We can continue increasingly to spread the good word through this wonderful medium of the internet.....we can protest publicly in greater and greater numbers.....we can exercise our right of civil disobedience.....or.......

We can just let Bush and his perfidious cronies continue their evil programs until what they're doing becomes SO obvious that they will eventually hang themselves. ....and all the while we can pray real hard that this happens before he leads us gloriously into Armageddon.

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