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Letters from "those people"

Does the "III" stand for asshole number three in your family line? 
Read your mindless pap "Merry Christmas, Dubya Love, The Pathetic Media"
What a bunch of B.S.  You liberal neanderthals never will get over
Bush's defeat of your hero Al "The Talking Tree" Gore, will you?  Does
Bush piss you off?  Good!  You can look forward to another four years 
of writing your tasteless crap after November 2004.  You, and the
hopeless twits who think they're presidential material, are pathetic. 
You, Asshole III, can't write about anything substantive about Bush, so
you resort to party-line misinformation. You democrats are all  the
same - Losers.  Keep up the bad attempt at being humorous.  I need a
good chuckle now and then.  Also, GET A LIFE.
Re: Merry Christmas, Dubya - Love, the Pathetic Media
First off, I must say that Dave's website is pretty poor.

Secondly, there is without a doubt a liberal bias to the media. If you're looking for a well-written article describing this phenomenom, and how off-base those are who claim that it does not exist, read here:

Lastly, as I conservative I don't agree with EVERYTHING that GWB does (seeing as he is one of the most liberal republican presidents ever), BUT he is in general doing good things for the country, and has done much to fix the country after Clintons 8 year abortion.

I'm glad that we are all but guarenteed another four years of GWB, and another four years of everything that has made our country great!

Re: Prisoners of War
It is stunning to read this. Nobody has asked the population to check their brains at the door. However, we owe whoever is the President some degree of loyalty and respect. I loathed the Clintons, but as long as Bill Clinton was President, he was due both. To to otherwise is treason. This government has survived two hundred and twenty eight years because of the rule of law, the constitution, and the balance of power between governmental bodies. George Bush may not be a genius, but I wonder if he would have had such a mess to deal with if the Clinton administration had not looked the other way in regard to terrorism. For example, Osama Bin Laden was within our grasp, and was allowed to escape. That was after he had engineered the bombing of the World Trade Towers in 1993. You can't blame the stock market crash on the Bush Administration because the stock market bubble had peaked in 1999, a year before the election. (During 1999, about 50 stocks were driving the entire S & P 500 Index, a year before, it was twice that number).

I guess what really drives me crazy is the complete inability of a Liberal to see the other side of an argument. They stick their fingers in their ears and humm to avoid hearing something that might make them uncomfortable.

In closing, let me say that George Bush WAS elected. Granted the election as handled by the State of Florida was a travesty, but the Democrats played that game to the hilt, too. You would think that they had never stolen an election! One needs only to look at the history of the political machines in Boston and Chicago to settle that argument.

Mr. Jenkins, your seething hatred of the President is so pervasive in this article that it destroys any bit if credibility your feeble claims have.  Does anyone connected with this site have any ideas that might help the desperate cause of the Dems?  It does not appear so.  DO you really think that the misery and hopelessness spewed forth by most on the left is going to draw anyone to your cause?  One little fact for you so dont keep embarrassing yourself when you write this hateful garbage.  Tax cuts create private sector economic growth which creates jobs which leads to increased government revenues which means more money for dignity robbing, initiative destroying, keep poor people where they are social programs.  How about an investigation into the war on poverty which has created 10 times the poverty since it began.  We all know what happened on 911 and no one cares about another tedious investigation.  What is interesting is that the investigation clearly showed that the ineptitude of the Clinton administration in confronting terrorism was the main cause or did you not take the time to read any of it?  Try a little intellectual honesty if you want to be a writer, it is incredibly liberating.  Growing up a little could be helpful as well.  Peace

Unsigned as usual - DJ



Dear W. David Jenkins III:
I hosted a backyard BBQ on Independence Day. My invited guests were 5 Democrat couples and one Republican couple.  I had read your above cited article earlier and printed it out to give to my Republican friend.  Jerry read it, shaking his head and fell silent for some time.  John then noticed his silence and asked what the problem was.  Jerry mentioned the article and handed it to John.  Others asked John to read it aloud which he did.  A sadness fell over the gathering for some time and then Lucas announced that he had had it with the Democrats and was changing his registration come Monday morning.  My wife and I, life long Democrats, agreed to do so also as did the other 4 couples.  In the morning, we are driving to City Hall in two cars to change our voters registrations from Democrat to Republican.  Enough is enough!!  Democrats and their lies, corruption, crookedness, obstructionism, whining, criticism and general anti Americanism no longer deserve our support.  Your article was the final straw.  I have since brought your article to the attention of my friends in Maryland, Minnesota and California.  You sir, along with the website, can take personal credit for costing the Democrats many, many votes. 
Roman and Joan
"My wife and I, life long Democrats...."
Suuuuuure you are. (DJ)
my advice to you is leave the country and go spend a couple of years in Europe. After awhile you will beg to come back to the Unite States, it is  traitor like you who's committing treason against the US with these remarks comparing Bush to Hitler.
No name - as usual (DJ)
Re: Cracks in the Dam (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, June 10 @ 09:53:24 EDT
none of those comments are back-peddling... Runsfield meant what he said, "we never said there are nuclear weapons"- that's in line with our position that we thought they wanted to make them.

The other quotes are the same. If these were the "bombshell" quotes you thought they were then a REAL journalist would have exploited them by now, i.e. the New York Times who love to nail Bush on this.

Skewed facts and tautological logic- it's the Jenkins way.

Re: One Nation, Under Informed (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, May 25 @ 00:32:57 EDT
stop using hyperboly idiot... "bloody mess" - does it bother you that you're in the tiny little minority who think that, yet you have the same info that we do? No one thinks it was perfect, but you always stretch things out too far to make your point.

Re: One Nation, Under Informed (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, May 29 @ 05:15:57 EDT
David are such a bore.

I'm darn proud of our President and the UNITED STATES !!!! Our president is a good leader, with much more moral character than the previous dress-staining, lying under oath, character we had before. Just think, our previous president who lied under oath, and couldn't remember anything, is now writing his memoirs.

No, Iraq is not a bloody mess.
No, the media does not hide the truth. In fact, with our media being the most free in the world, they are not about to hide anything. They will jump on any news, positive or negative, to be the first to report it.

David're not playing with a full deck upstairs. We all feel sorry for you.

Re: One Nation, Under Informed (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, May 29 @ 08:56:52 EDT
how dare you call Iraq a "bloody mess". What was Vietnam then- "a REALLY bloody mess"?! By exagerating you're dishonoring the men and women who have died in REAL quagmires like Vietnam. You're analysis is as foolish as Scott Ritter's who claimed last night that "we have LOST the war in Iraq." He meant that like in Vietnam, in Iraq we would win the battles but lose the war. Well I'm so glad that you and Ritter have such superior, omniscient relationship with the "truth." Hey, you're not taking bribes and kickbacks from the former-Iraqi government too, are you?

As far as the media, I'm willing to bet you had no problem when liberal CNN was the ONLY global news network. I'm sure presently you didn't complain when CNN confessed that during thier "monopoly" period on 24-hour news they intentionally withheld news about Saddam so they could get more access. You should be happy Roger Ailes and Fox News is so powerful (though you may not be happy that more people watch Fox than any other channel), at least now MARKET FORCES will cause the networks to check up on each other and bring some accounatability to news. Then again, you are a socialist so "market talk" probably goes right over your head.


i believe that if you feel that bad about what is going on you should give up your citizenship and leave this great country that i have defended  and love. i love the freedom that i have. its people like you that bring down the American spirit. even though i don't know you personally I'll bet you have not done anything to help make this country a better place I'm sick and tired of you bleeding heart liberals cutting down my country 


what a pathetic wanker you are - you say your America is dead.


My American has come to life, and it will be here for a very
long, long time.

You better leave this country now, because this is just the
beginning.  This is no place for you anymore. 

They say
France is nice this time of year.